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Solutions that do the job

We work together with our clients in applying our joint field experience and knowledge to implement custom but imperatively pragmatic solutions that fit their purpose and meet their return on investment (ROI) targets. Our solutions can be provided "as is" or through an ASP service level agreement (SLA).

We build solutions as a combination of:

  • Our clients' knowledge of their own business,
  • Our experience in building and implementing simple but efficient business solutions,
  • Expertys' software tools like LIEN, the Application Framework, or our Data Warehouse Toolkit.

To learn more about application examples of our solutions, visit the following links:

Contract Management Expertys' Interactive Business Relationship Management (IBRM) system is a web-based application suite for customer, partner, and supplier relationship management. IBRM supports all interactive business processes, whether internal to a company or vis-à-vis its customers, suppliers, and partners. And IBRM includes flexible XML interfaces to facilitate integration with other systems such as accounting and production management.

IT Asset Management Most organisations have the data required to manage their IT assets. The main difficulty in making effective use of the data is that it is usually distributed over diverse and disconnected systems. Fully fledged integration is difficult to justify because of its high cost. With Expertys' approach, companies can harness the information pertaining their IT assets no matter where the underlying data are being managed.

Procurement Simple, cost-effective e-procurement is one of the implementation possibilities of LIEN. The simple operation makes it equally suitable for large organisations and small businesses. For example, it can enable large organisations with many small supplier to integrate the small suppliers into their existing e-procurement systems.